Special Fall Events at Walt Disney World-The College Internship Program

Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
©Jean Janssen

This is the first of several installments (at random, nonconsecutive, times) related to my fall travel to Walt Disney World in Florida.  Although I did not go to WDW for the first time until I was 29 years old, since then I have averaged about 1.5 visits a year.  It is not really Boris’ cup of tea, but Rocky loves it and is an expert on Walt Disney himself.  Rocky was 3 1/2 on his first visit.

Therefore, while I have plenty of advice for beginners (email me), I am going to center my posts around some of the other events or programs that WDW offers.  This is intermediate Disney.  Although traveling with Boris has forced me to get up early while on vacation, I was a sleep-in-and-eventually-roll-out-to-the-pool-for-sunbathing kind of girl.  Trips to Disney Parks (Florida, California, and Paris) have always been the exception and find me getting up early.  Seasoned travelers know that the crowds are lightest first thing in the day or when the parks are open very late and you hang around to the bitter end.  (Yes, I have been there for the 2 am closing.)

At the Animation Pavilion at Hollywood Studios you can take a drawing class that lasts about 25 minutes. Space is limited. A different character is done each time, so some people make several visits. This is me with my version of Sorcerer Mickey.

These trips were planned around Emma’s schedule.  The first was during Labor Day weekend (we realized it) and the second was Columbus Day weekend (we didn’t realize it).  Hopefully, the next trip will be at a time when it is not so busy.  Why are we going so much right now?  Well, I bought an annual pass.  Why did I buy an annual pass?  WDW and Disneyland have a college internship program.

My niece Maggie is a college junior and is spending a semester at Walt Disney World in Florida working in the college internship program.  Only one in eight applicants is chosen to participate and we are all very proud of her achievements.  She also got her first choice of assignments-Attractions.  She is working at It is Tough to be a Bug in the Animal Kingdom Park*.  This is a 3D show based on the Pixar film.  She rotates through the various positions about every 20-30 minutes.

This is Maggie with her mom Emma on the first day she worked after “earning her ears” (successfully completing and passing her Disney training). She works all the jobs at It Is Tough To Be a Bug in the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom. Here she is a greeter at the entrance-her favorite position given all the interaction with guests.
©Jean Janssen

Maggie has met students from all of the United States and the world in this program.  At her attraction alone, there are four interns from China.  She lives on the Disney property at a special apartment for interns.  Maggie shares a room with one other girl and eight girls share a common living area.  She has free admission to the parks and discounts on purchases and special events.  (If she books the room and stays with us, we even get resort discounts.)  Maggie has also toured the tunnels.  (Disney trivia people know that the park in on the second level and that a whole underground city is underneath.)

Maggie started in August and will be there until January 4, 2013.  So if you are headed to WDW between now and then, stop by the Tree of Life* and if you see a tall blonde (yes, she is 6 foot 1) and her tag says Meagan, just tell her that Natasha sent you.  You might just be in line for a “Magical Moment”.

*Of course if you talk to Boris, he will tell you that she works at The Tree of Bugs in the Jungle Kingdom.  You get the idea.

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