A lazy day in Paradise-Mazatlan

3Jack3 and his groupies in the college tees.
Most of us were showing our “best” side

Emma and Dudley are leaving today, so we started with a large breakfast under the palapa to fortify them for the journey.  When Maggie graduated, Emma started the tradition of taking pictures of all us in t-shirts from the college that the graduate was going to attend, so  3Jack2 had purchased t-shirts for all of us.  He had even taken a picture of Boris in Houston while they were visiting for the wedding.  It was photo day and we got pictures of all of us both front and back sides.

construction of the 4th and 5th levels
©Jean Janssen

Not much sun and with a storm coming in, we decided to watch a movie in the game room.  After the weather cleared, we took a tour of the construction at the house.  Our host, Ivan, is adding a medical research procedure and presentation wing to the complex.  There will be additional rooms for overnight guests (all with that breath-taking view), medical facilities, and a theater for presentations and performances.  The area can be accessed separately to preserve the family’s privacy.  Alternatively, the family will be able to reach all of the areas by an elevator that will take them to each level of the complex.  There are currently three levels.  When complete, there will be five levels to the property.

The new theater under construction. Ivan will use it for medical presentation, movies, puppet shows, and tango demonstrations.
©Jean Janssen

©Jean Janssen

Our hostess Olga and I enjoyed the pool in the afternoon.  It was later in the day, so we did not have the intense sun that had come with our pool outing the day before.  Along the Malecon there are several platforms for the cliff style divers, but we didn’t need to venture out to see that kind of performance today.  3Jack2 showed off his skills by jumping from the third floor balcony into the deep-water pool.  No surprise that he did this when Ivanova was out of sight.  He was fine, but there were no other takers.

©Jean Janssen

I asked Olga about the origin of the deep section of the pool, thinking it was for scuba dive training, but she told me that the original owner had built it specifically for the purpose that 3Jack2 had used it, to jump off the balcony.  Think I will stick to jumping in off the side or the small bridge that covers the connection between the main and deep-water sections of the pool.  Better yet, I’ll just use the stairs.

©Jean Janssen

We enjoyed our best sunset yet.  Emma and Dudley missed a good one.  Our last meal prepared by chef Manuel was wonderful-shrimp bisque, salad, steak, baked potatoes, grilled onions, quesadillas, and poached pineapple for dessert.  I had planned to watch a movie with 3Jack3 tonight, but after the filling meal, the conversation, and the five glasses of fresh sangria I enjoyed it was bedtime for me.

Our last sunset in Mazatlan
©Jean Janssen

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