Bonaire in March

Next month I am off to Bonaire for scuba diving.  It has been over a year since I have been diving and I am excited and nervous at the same time.  (Which is the point of scuba diving in the first place.)  Bonaire is part of the ABC islands, of which Aruba is probably the most well know (thanks to Natalie Holloway).  I am what is known as a Princess Diver.  In other words, I can do it all myself but why if someone wants to do it for you.  Princess diving works best while boat diving with the guide and crew right there.  Bonaire is mostly shore diving, so we’ll be out on our own without an entourage.

About travelbynatasha

I am a retired attorney who loves to travel. Several years ago I began working on a Century Club membership achieved by traveling to 100 "foreign" countries. Today, at 49 years of age the count is at 82. Many were visited on land based trips. Some were cruise ports. Some were dive sites. Most have been fascinating.
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